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Tranquillity is a light to medium RP guild on the World of Warcraft EU RP server, The Sha'tar
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 Application for Thalean and Elysa

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PostSubject: Application for Thalean and Elysa   Application for Thalean and Elysa Icon_minitimeThu Mar 05, 2009 2:07 pm

here the application for both Thalean and Elysa.

1. What is your age, gender, and location?

Thalean is 28 and male. Elysa is 24 and female. We're both from Holland

2. What is the name, race, class and level of your main character (or up to 3 if you consider them all to be main).

Thalean and Elysa. Both Night Elf druids and currently lvl 16 but having some fun powerlevel sessions while Thalean has some time off.

3. What gaming experience have you had? Have you played any other MMOs?

We've both been playing WoW for 4 years now on numerous servers, mostly Horde characters. We decided to have a change of pace and try Alliance for a change. My main Horde character is also a Druid and Elysa a Hunter.

4. What is your talent spec and what are your professions? Post an armoury link if you wish.

Thalean and Elysa will both focus on feral while leveling. When we'll arrive in Northrend Thalean will remain feral for tanking and Elysa is going Restoration. Professions : Thalean (skinning and leatherworking), Elysa (herbalism and Inscription)

5. List any current members of Tranquillity you know, if any.


6. How long do you usually spend playing the game, and when? What time zone do you live in?

Due to other commitments we usually play 2 nights per week. Our timezone is GMT + 1.

7. Are you able to use voice chat (do you have a microphone)? Will you speak on voice chat? (You must be willing to install Ventrilo and be prepared to use it to listen when in guild instances, even if you are unable/unwilling to speak).

That will not be a problem Smile

8. Have you read and understood the guild information and rules? (If not, you need to do so).

yes I have. It sounds just what we need.

9. Describe in one sentence your attitude towards playing WoW.

We both enjoy the social aspect of the game. Thalean is more into RPing then Elysa and has read much of the Warcraft lore (more Horde focused).

10.Anything else you would like to say? (Optional).

I have not made a background story for both characters (that's usually my job Smile). I'll need to do some reading on the Alliance side of the lore to come up with a fun story for both Thalean and Elysa.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Thalean and Elysa   Application for Thalean and Elysa Icon_minitimeThu Mar 05, 2009 3:11 pm

Welcome to Tranquillity ^^ I think you'll both fit right in.

Take care,


Llianah|Kyranah|Ziannah Guild Leader
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Application for Thalean and Elysa
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