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Tranquillity is a light to medium RP guild on the World of Warcraft EU RP server, The Sha'tar
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 Leonir's application

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Leonir's application Empty
PostSubject: Leonir's application   Leonir's application Icon_minitimeThu Feb 19, 2009 1:11 pm

1. What is your age, gender, and location?

17/M/Northwest England

2. What is the name, race, class and level of your main character (or up to 3 if you consider them all to be main).

See signature; main is Leonir, a human paladin in his early 70s.

3. What gaming experience have you had? Have you played any other MMOs?

Gaming generally about 6 years, MMO's for four or so; about two on WoW, some of LotRO, AoC, RS, KalOnline...

4. What is your talent spec and what are your professions? Post an armoury link if you wish.

Paladin's a commited tank, blacksmithing around 420. Alts subject to variation, see signature.

5. List any current members of Tranquillity you know, if any.

Cephesus, Llianah... used to be in this guild during its initial run, indeed I helped form it.

6. How long do you usually spend playing the game, and when? What time zone do you live in?

I'm on most evenings from 7 or 8. My timezone's DST or GMT.

7. Are you able to use voice chat (do you have a microphone)? Will you speak on voice chat? (You must be willing to install Ventrilo and be prepared to use it to listen when in guild instances, even if you are unable/unwilling to speak).

Got mike, will talk.

8. What is your favourite WoW city, area, instance and enemy? Do you have any embarrassing moments you would like to share?

Stormwind, Nagrand, Caverns of Time, Van Cleef. Not one single moment really but I often forget in instances to turn on Righteous Fury, then get annoyed with the DPS when I constantly lose aggro...

9. Have you read and understood the guild information and rules? (If not, you need to do so).

Dude, I helped write them.

10. Describe in one sentence your attitude towards playing WoW.

When I find the time it's usually a pleasant aside, especially if there's an instance or satisfying questing.

Leonir|Khairos ##Guild Leader
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Leonir's application
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